Remanufactured Consumable Supplies Warranty

Laser Tone warrants all remanufactured cartridges supplied to Customer, shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period covering 1 year or until the cartridge is depleted of toner, whichever comes first. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied, simply call us for a replacement cartridge or credit on your account.

Warrantee does not cover damage resulting from customer abuse or neglect (e.g. dropping the cartridge or leaving a cartridge unprotected from the elements).

Printer Warranty - Use of Laser Tone's Remanufactured Products

Laser Tone warrants the customer's printer per the following:

If you think a Laser Tone remanufactured cartridge has caused damage to your printer, present your claim to Laser Tone first. In case of damage to laser printer solely due to a Laser Tone remanufactured cartridge, Laser Tone will pay for repair or perform the necessary repairs.

If the laser printer is under warranty and the claim for damage is presented to the original manufacturer for warranty repair, the original manufacturer or authorized service representative must deny warranty repair in writing, solely because of the customer's use of a recycled toner cartridge. Customer shall provide Laser Tone with the original denial letter and any and all other documentation including a detailed repair receipt and list of repaired and/or replaced parts. To present a claim, contact Laser Tone directly, first.

Original Equipment Manufacturer's Warranty

Items sold by Laser Tone and produced by others carry their own warranty. Laser Tone warrants all original equipment manufacturer's (OEM) products per manufacturer's warranty.

Refurbished Printer Warranty

Unless stated otherwise, Laser Tone refurbished machines are warranted against defects in materials or workmanship for 90 days. Factory refurbished machines carry the factory warranty.


All orders are shipped, based upon stock availability, by the customer's preferred method. Most items will ship out the same day the product is ordered. If a shipment is refused, your account will be charged a 20% restocking fee and freight.

Back Orders

Laser Tone will make every attempt to ship your order out immediately. Unfortunately, a situation may arise when an item is temporarily out of stock and must be backordered. If so, we'll e-mail you and give you an estimated time when the product should be back in stock.

You have the option to wait for the backorder to ship or to cancel the order and we'll credit your account. If we don't hear back from you, we'll ship the product as soon as it is available.

Payment Method

Laser Tone accepts the following major credit cards - American Express, MasterCard & Visa. Your credit card will be billed upon processing of your order. Please download our credit card authorization form here, and email or fax (302-335-2415) it to the office for processing.


Laser Tone Inc is located in the State of DELAWARE and is not obligated to withhold sales tax for delivery within this state. You maybe charged a Sales Tax if you live in a state that requires internet Sales Tax or one of our shipping locations is within your state.